Monday, July 29, 2013

Mount Pleasant Potters' Guild Courtyard Sale!

Please join us for this great summer event in August!


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  2. SURVEY FOR POTTERS!! from the APA

    The Alberta Potters’ Association has been representing the interests of Alberta clay artists since 1968. Since that time the industry has undergone many changes. We have heard from some of our members that some of these changes are good and some are not, so now we want to hear from everyone involved in ceramics, from clay artists of every persuasion: functional, sculptural and everything in between; teachers, educators and administrators involved in ceramics; gallery owners, clay suppliers and retail businesses. We want to hear from you!
    Tell us what you think and what you need to make this a successful industry in Alberta.
    Our strategies for 2014 and beyond will be based on your answers. This survey is seeking general information initially to determine broad stroke needs, and then with further discussion with you, focus in on detailed strategies.