Friday, July 23, 2010

Blog Site Launches July 23, 2010

Hello and welcome to the North Mount Pleasant Arts Blog site. The Arts Centre is a centre of excellence for ceramics and pottery in western Canada, with three classrooms, a members studio and a wide variety of kilns - electric, gas, salt, wood and raku.

We also offer a full spectrum of visual arts classes and workshops for families, children, youth and adults, as well as custom designed programs for groups, businesses, corporations and schools. Not to mention our ability to host arts-based birthday parties on request on Fridays and weekends here at the Arts Centre.

Our classes are advertised seasonally (fall, winter, spring and summer) in the Recreation Program Guide and online at

The staff at the Arts Centre will use this site to advertise special workshops, lectures, demonstrations, special events, wood-firings, kiln-buildings, parties, art showings, .....what have you's. Hey! We're a busy place....

Give our friendly and expert staff a call at 403-221-3682 if you have any questions about our program offerings or other activities. We'd also like to hear from you on our blog.

Michael Benoit, Supervisor

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